Planning Commission     

5 year term        5 members        


This commission is responsible for the Town’s long range comprehensive plan, and is the sponsor of the Town’s zoning code.  It views changes to and interprets the zoning code, and reviews and approves development plans as required by charter.  Makes recommendations to Mayor and Council regarding planning and development issues.

Current Members:

Ronald Geesey – Chairman          7/2019

Edward Phillips                                  3/2019

Mark Nixon                                        2/2020

Gary Weber                                        3/2022

Judi Menavich                                   5/2021


Historic District Commission

5 year term        At least 5 members


Description: This commission shall review any application to build, alter, or destroy any structure within the historic district in order to minimize bureaucratic regulations, and act as an advisory council to encourage the enhancement of the historic district.


Current Members:

Edward Phillips                                  2/2021

Bob Fisher                                           3/2022

Michael Farlow                                 1/2021

Nancy Thompson                             12/2023

Mark Shockley                                  3/2020


Board of Zoning Appeals

3 year term        5 members


This board shall hear applications for special exceptions, variances, and other appeals under the Town Zoning Code.


Current Members:

Carolyn Brown                  10/2018

Gregory Waters                11/2020

Michael Labesky               1/2019

Susanne Knudsen            10/2018





Snow Hill Ethics Commission    

5 year term        5 members


Description:  This commission shall devise and review disclosure forms, provide published advisory opinions, and make determinations as to complaints alleging violations of the ethics ordinance.


Current Members:

Judi Menavich – Chairwoman                     12/2019

Brenda Dale                                                        12/2022

Fannie Birckhead                                              12/2022

Richard Mitchell                                                12/2018

Eric Mullins                                                         12/2020



Housing Review Board

3 year term        5 members


This board shall hear appeals of housing code enforcement, regulation, and interpretation of the code’s provisions.


Current Members:

Mark Shockley                                                  04/2020

Joseph Ingolia                                                    04/2020

Michael Labesky                                               04/2021

Clint Bickford                                                     04/2019

Sylvester Dale                                                    06/2021



Board of Election Supervisors

2 year term        5 members


This Board shall be in charge of all aspects of conducting Town elections


Current Members:

Melissa Etnoyer – Chairperson                   06/2020

Pauline Rogers                                                  06/2020

Carolyn Brown                                                  04/2019

Nellie Purnell                                                     06/2020

Jan King                                                                03/2019



Vacancies on Boards and Commissions provide opportunities to maintain the vitality of our community.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve, please submit your name and contact information to the Town Manager for future consideration.


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